Nahargarh Baori

Baori at Nahragardh fort

It is located between the Nahargarh hills at the Nahargarh Fort. It was built by Sawai Raja Jai Singh in 1734. The fort is destination of one of the major tourist attractions of the Pink city. Nahargarh fort was built by Sawai Raja Jai Singh and later renovated by doing some additions by the successors […]

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Nahargarh SighSeeing

Sightseeing Attractions of Jaipur from Nahargarh Fort

The Skyline of the Pink city towards the northern is marked by a beautiful fort “Nahargarh”. Nahargarh Fort is situated on a steep rocky hillside. It was built by Jai Singh in the year 1734 and later it was developed in the year 1868. There are two ways to reach the top of the Fort, […]

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Nahargarh Fort

Review of Nahargarh Fort

  It is among the most beautiful and the terrible forts of India. It is symbol of Rajputana pride and dignity. It shows how the Rajput kings defend their city by creating defense centers around the city. It is also known As Tiger Fort and is located 15 kms away from Jaipur city. The best […]

Nahargarh in the eyes of Bollywood

Nahargarh fort is enclosed in the fantastic ambience of Aravalli Hills, which is facing the beautiful Pink City. This is a lovely fort which provides the best travel pleasure in Jaipur a place in Rajasthan which is famous to be mostly named as Pink City. Nahargarh Fort is one of the best tourist destinations of […]

Nahargarh best Tourist Destinations in Jaipur

 Among the famous tourist’s attractions of Rajasthan, Nahargarh Fort of Jaipur is top ranked.  It was constructed by Sawai Man Singh and the construction was completed in the year 1734 which was extended till 1868. Some of the parts of the fort such as the huge walls were later renovated by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh […]

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